Getting Yafray to work with 2.49

Dunno if this is the right section, but does anyone know how to get the new Yafray to work with 2.49a. I can’t get the script to show up?

Make sure you have the correct python version for your version of blender and yafaray. Remove any previous yafaray scripts and install as per the install instructions.

This thread may help or just search for yafaray (there are many many posts on this very subject)


i did, i uninstalled yafray and reinstalled it, but the script doesn’t come up in the render menu

If you want yafray its no longer supported in 2.49 so forget about using yafray if you want to use future blender versions. If you want it you have to go back to an earlier blender version. It is no longer being developed, yafaray is the successor which is now being developed.


isn’t yafaray the newer one? Because that is the one that was linked to on the page for newest one.

Yafray is dead, Yafaray is alive.