Getting you UV layouts perfectly symmetrical? (not distorted)

Ok, I haven’t UV mapped in a year or so. As I can see, things have been updated a bit.

I was wondering though, How can you get your UV map to act symmetrical? I noticed that whenever I perform a UV unwrap, I always have one side that is a little bit distorted and it tends to be turned in a bit of an odd fashion. How can you correct this so that your UV unwrap is perfectly symmetrical or at least not distorted?

I used to just spend hours tweaking it by hand but I know there has to be a better way to do it.

Actually bot so far as I’ve found. Unless my hours of googling have missed one site that has the info…

Doin it by hand all the way! :mad:

I have created nice uv for my character frogsu. But this was in Blender.242a. I have colored the UV in Gimp for my rigging help. The character is here . Afterwords I have colored different parts with Gimp. 2nd image is uv now.


LOL, I’m beginning to wonder if it would be better to UV map in some form of external editor. Some of my UV maps get really distorted.

Blender is so powerfull. See the Actual UV Map I opened in Blender.244. You have to apply trick with Blender to do like this.


here’s a tutorial on live update transform I made…I think most things are pretty much the same except that it’s not called LSCM anymore.
I am using it to join pieces in the tutorial but you can use it to make your UVs symetrical as well.

Thanks Modron that was the only post I learnt from.

cool, I am glad you found it useful

Ah, way cool. Pinning, exactly what I need to figure out. I’ve had trouble understanding that for some time.