getVectFrom() ?

In blender 2.49, I have a simulated gravity script that uses applyForce() to force my dynamic objects along a vector that points toward a point in gamespace, much like a black hole. Now, instead forcing the objects toward the point, I wish to force the objects AWAY from the point, like an explosion.
How can this be done with python? Is there a getVectFrom()? Or can I invert the data that is used for getVectTo()
I already tried “negativizing” the force applied to the object along the vector but it says that applyForce() doesnt accept negative numbers. So the answer MUST be inverting the data takin from getVectTo(). How can I do this?

All geometric types in Blender Python derive from mathutils. You should be able to simply reverse the vector, or get the vector from B to A instead of A to B. It should accept it in the applyForce method.

I looked in the Mathutils index and I didn’t see anything about reversing the vector, or geting the vector from B to A. How do I do it?

To negate a Vector, simply use the negative operator:

negative_vector = - my_vector

Or, another method

negative_vector = my_vector * -1

wow. Too easy. Thanks agoose. youre getting a free copy of my game when im done