getVertex(i,j).setXYZ not working in specific scene

I’m in desperate need of some help.

I’m using obj.meshes[O].getVertex(0,0).setXYZ([x,y,z]) to position vertices of a plane.

But in blenderplayer, in two of my scenes this suddenly does not work (blender also has issues but it works if I start these scenes before other scenes)

The objects that this is applied to are linked from another scene so they should be identical

I get no errors, according to the console everything works.

Plz help…?

Ok i kind of fixed it by using the game actuator to load the blend file (instead of setscene).

So it works but the issue is not resolved (setscene breaks it)

That sounds odd, but if you’re expecting getVertex(0, 0) to return a specific vertex every time, it doesn’t always do this. The order of vertices can change in the BGE at random, so the first vertex of the first material may be different vertices under BlenderPlayer vs. Blender. If you want additional help, it probably would be helpful to distill the blend file down to the simplest possible file.

Yea I’ll post a more elaborate update about this particular problem this week. Didn’t have much time today (because we needed to fix it asap).

About the random vertices in blender vs blenderplayer: we built a script that allowed us to move the vertices in the blenderplayer (for projection mapping purposes) and save it to a json file so blender vs bplayer isn’t the real problem. The problem is that the vertices just didn’t move when I told them to do it (even stranger, if I set the vertices and then printed the result of getXYZ() it told me it had moved them. It just didn’t update the geometry. Or something like that.)