GFX idiot?

hey guys, i was just wondering where the old GFX idiot went?

he was gfx idiot, then gfx monkey, then something else, what was it?

are u still here?

I may be wrong, but is he not traitor now? I’m probly just stupid, and don’t pay attention…

i dunno, i thought that, but i just wanted to see, i liked his old avatar quite a bit more… and i thought i saw him with a diff name jus a lil while ago, but idk

i belive his name is traitor. due to him leaving blender (as he felt it was crap) to use a pirated version f maya, which he realised he didn’t like once blender got raytracing and other cool features.

and i believe it was me who inspired the name traitor too.


His nick is now traitor. Has been for a bit now.


okay, thanx guys

Hmmm, wonder if im a traitor as well, havn’t talked to many blender friends for a long time, i still ghost tho so beware what you say 'bout me!!! hehe :o)

Been a long time since i spoke with GFX as well, and a few others as well. I will defiantly refurbishing my blender knowledge sometime in the future, and i bet by then Blender will be even sweeter.

Well, ranting at 1am at school when you SHOULD be getting work done is no good, so i should head. Just wanted to say hey and if GFX ghosts as well drop me a PM dude!!! :o)

Same with you BgDM!!! :o)


Blend on, and blend well!!!


yeah, it was me. i did some silly things. sorry for all the confusion.

props to alltaken for the name, and X who got me back into blender.

Bapsis; its been too long, we should catch up mate

Boooooooooooo traitor. down with traitors Booooooooooo

nobody likes a traitor.

BTW might see you at the irish community hall :stuck_out_tongue: