GFX problems

Well i’ve been having problems running games made with opengl lately.
I’ve tried cube2 and it doesnot even work dysplaing an error message saying my graphics card is old(well actually it is , but i don’t think it is that old)

I 've also been trying to run vegas strike and it runs really slow even with all the setting set to low.

What is more my counter strike :condition zero does not play in opengl or directx mode(only works in software mode).CS used to work fine when i had windows millenium.

My graphics card is geforce 5200, os: windows xp
forceware version 93.71
ram:640 mb
cpu 1700 mhz

Any ideas how to fix this ?

Did you upgrade your graphics card drivers when you switched from Millennium to XP? I’ve run into problems when upgrading my graphics card drivers (one time, it would crash Blender whenever I’d use it), so you may want to try older drivers to see if they’ll fix your problem. (In particular, if you upgraded your drivers, try to find the drivers you used to have.) Hope you get it all squared away.

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I know those gfx cards quite well, I’ve had a few, still got one in a pc here. Your problem has happened more than once to me on different pcs with WinXP. The solution is to completely uninstall the driver, making sure to remove any trace of it on your hdd. Then reinstall. It doesn’t help to just reinstall only.