GG-Cycles; AMD - Dedicated GPU not found, instead multiple integrated GPU

Good Day,

I came across a problem with Radeon, specifically when I select a Cycles Compute Device in my Laptop

-Inkedtwo integrated GPU mixed CPU&iGPU no eGPU_LI|690x371 (only one img i can embed :frowning: )

I have Radeon 540x as Dedicated GPU, but only displays my Integrated GPU Vega 8 twice (The third option is my CPU)

The real problem is when I start rendering, which prompts “Loading Render Kernels” in viewport taking every RAM that my laptop freezes, so I decided to use v2.79b

-two integrated GPU no eGPU|690x360 (only one img i can embed :frowning: )

v2.79b also shows the same Devices so I tried rendering in viewport (with a small Border Render) it didn’t freeze and return an OpenCL error thus a blank render

I want to ask if some workaround can be done to use the Dedicated GPU

I’m very sorry for the lengthy topic and quite nonsense title, hopes it attracts attention

I already read OpenGL Requirements which is 3.3+:

I also read about Minimum GCN 2nd Gen Microarchitectures that Cycle support:
Radeon 540x (The Dedicated GPU I have ) is a 4th gen GCN

I am also running on Windows 10, so as what I’ve read Windows and Linux is supported, But not macOS

I also checked if my own system is at fault with “dxdiag” and Device Manager, And it confirms that I have the 2 differrent GPU’s and not 2 same integrated GPU

Any ideas/advices will be appricieted