gh - cathedral

C&C welcome

That looks great! I like the style on it a lot. Good work!

That looks very good! Nice style.

The only crit I have is the dark shadow/glow around the building (in the sky) and I would slightly increase the bumpiness of the bricks.

very smooth, and very pretty
nice work!

nice scene
but the left window is so gray. uhm, i have just said “window”, but are they really windows? they look like something sticked to the wall.

thanks for the comments dewds

yep they are windows :slight_smile: …I coudnt make a better details cuz me computer slow :frowning: and the file is too big for me, the backround is plain blue so the window reflection is…well blue :slight_smile: and the left window is covered with the wall.

Good work… Nice modell, great lighting

This could be a scene from some sweet adventure game like Monkey Island or something. Very nice style. But it is a bit empty. I’d add some bushes and trees in front of the building, clouds in the sky and maybe some characters too.

Nice job. Now try @ndy’s “soft lights-aura” at the edges of roof :slight_smile: .

All your work has that great stylized look to it! Yep, I think you must have the gift.