Ghetto blaster city

Hey guys, heres something I’ve been working on for a couple of days now:

I don’t know what I can do about the ghetto blaster. It looks too … amateur blender-ish. Doesn’t match the rest of the scene which is pretty vigrant. What can I do to make it look better?

It looks good to me. Hey check out my W.I.P

First, I like a lot the light-strings :slight_smile:

But the sound stuff looks a bit as if it was made of only cubes (except for the speakers and buttons of course ;)) and the ligth on it really “flat”. Try to make it maybe more “round”, add some nice curves or at least some bevel on the corners and on the handle. I think it’ll help to make it look better.

Also, the “discombobulated” city in front has a lot of “details” whereas the blaster doesn’t. So it’s hard to find what to focus on.

btw, SmaTheGreek, do you really think it’s necessary to put a link to your last work in your comments? It’s the 2nd link to your WIP i saw.

I am not the only one who does this

No, but it’s stupid!
If you want a link to your WIP, put it in your signature, not in the message to someone who expects critique! :expressionless:

Some good critique there Rore. Your right, everything looks very geometric and not smooth. Heres a small update:
Added some more buttons, bevelled edges, etc.
Lighting is still a bit flat. But I’ll work on that tomorrow. Time for bed. :wink:

Btw, my boombox design comes from here:
Especially the last one.

I was going to say that is looks like a 'box from the 80’s, then I saw what you reffed from. lol! :slight_smile:
I’d say that the box looks just fine, just like an 80’s one. You just need to add texture to it and finish it out that way. Nice work btw, this is really quite original and fresh from what I’ve seen in WIP.

Thanks. What sort of texture would you recommend. I’ve been trying alot of different settings, but nothing fits. Any suggestions?