Ghibli inspired scenery

A Ghibli inspired scene I made fairly quick.
It was a really fun project; and I learned (and developed) a few techniques which I have not seen before.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Will you share some of these techniques? :slight_smile:

One of the techniques is regarding the grass, so as to make it this patchy-brush stroke look. Other stylized grass techniques we could find were either a hair particle system with a pre-made texture; or grass instances with uniform color, which does not lend well with this scene. Thus we had to develop this.

Make a grass object and instance it on the ground plane with the particle instance modifier. Then add Data Transfer, custom UV.

The grass material is just a texture with the custom UV mapping.

The “resolution” of the ground plane is the resolution of the applied texture.

*note we only started with blender two-three months ago, so I may just be blissfully ignorant.

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Thanks so much! Have a great weekend too!

That’s beautiful.