Ghost box (Limiting space) need some help

so having fat fingered my keyboard a few times as Changes in blender it self doesnt help by back tracking… i discovered this box, wich most certainly and not unlikely already have a name! Though i dont know it and i certainly havent had a use for it yet. BUT now i need help to solve this ghost box problem :slight_smile: would be very appreciated!

OH yeah i also have a question, When i tried out maya the mesh had these lines almost baked into the model and rather smooth and round looking… While in Blender the edges are Outside the mesh and more jagged looking… I was wondering is there a way to get this Maya feel into blender? I have seen it, but no idea how to do it. thanks in advance!

adding a bump to hopefully get this resolved

Guesswork without file but: Does it move if you use alt + right clic ? Looks like a texture mask in stencil mode.