Ghost by the lake (Read the Finished projects thread)

As you know I made a pic of a house on a lake a little while back. Well I updated it some so tell me what you think.


i think you can see the reflection of the goast in the water clearly can u?looks good

yeah it looks like you can see him in the lake. Thanks

no problem shard only looking out for you :smiley: is all.

I don’t really like the ghost model, but besides that it is neat.

anything particular you dont like about the model.

Just the shape. It doesn’t look like the cloak is on somebody, it looks it is on a not very realistic statue.

it isnt the best model in the world I will admit to that. I just am too lazy to remodel the ghost and it doesnt look bad or anything in the picture just not as good as it could be.

Yeah, it’s fine.

well anything else you think it needs. I am debating if just one creepy tree is enough or if I should add a forest of some sort Im just worried it will take away from the mood if their are more trees.

Water needs to be subsurfed.

it is subsurfed that I can promise its subsurfed alot.

Nice :slight_smile:

Well do you think its ready for a final large render. It will be my first post in finished projects.

I really like the water!!
Keep it up!

I like the water too… It’s one of the best works on water surface I can recall so far…

Is it o.k if you could share with us your technique??? :expressionless:

Sure, I will put a mini tutorial in the finished projects Ghost by the lake.

I love the style of that image. If anything I would make the water less realistic instead of more. I think the realism of the water is distracting from the stylistic hills, house, tree, and cloak. The pillars that support the dock seem too thick and too metalic. There should be a more visible support structure under the dock. Yeah, if you make any changes, I think it should be to make the water match the fantasy style of the hills, the house, and the tree.

I’ve got a couple of remarks.

You said the water was subsurfaced. It doesn’t need to be. You can make very nice looking water with 1 polygon. You should use the stucci texture and map it to normal or displacement.

And about the objects on the ground, the tree and the house. They seem to be floating. You should add lighting which produces shadows.

read the finished projects thread