Ghost by the lake

Here it is :slight_smile:


You’ve already heard my crits; no need to post them again.

It looks like a good game model, it being low poly.

the ghost?

The background.

pretty awesome scene but do me a favor and delete the water and redo it

Most people seem to like the water. Try clicking the picture so you can see the smaller version where the whole picture fits onto the screen it looks better if you can see the whole pic.

Ok here is the ghost by the lake water mini-tutorial.

The water itself is acually pretty easy to make here is what you do. Create a plane scale it to what ever you want. Next subdivide it 4 times then fractical subdivide 2 times. Now subsurf it once and smooth it. Their you go the water is modeled now for materials. This is the material settings for my lake you could change them to fit the style of your water. I had R.449 G.551 and B.638. I have ref set to 1.0 and spec set to 2.0 Hard is on 238.
Now for the reflections, click ray mirror set ray mir to 1.0 and fresnel to 1.9 everything else is set to default. I also have this picture
set as a texture only effecting color value. That is all for the material settings but it wont work just yet. If you render now it will look very bad. Why you ask because it is reflecting the world settings which are all blue. For mine I used a sky texture for the world’s material. But with just that it still wont look exactly right. You need to have objects for the water to reflect. Not nessicarly more objects reflecting the better it is more about how you place you objects. After that you can just mess around untill you have your reflections the way you want. Oh yeah remeber to push ray in the render buttons or the reflections wont work but Im sure you already knew that. So that was my first tut I hope you enjoyed it.


the texture link didnt work dont worry about it though it was just a lake texture.

O.k. thanks for sharing it with us… :wink:

Right now I am working on a clear tropical style of water. So I am perfecting the technique the way it is wont work with clear water just muddy lakes so soon this water will beable to be used in any type of water scene.

The problem I find with this pic is that the background looks like it’s directly out of a computer game - like “Blood” if anyone remembers that.

However, the water is like an attempt at photorealism.

The two in the same scene clash.

However, the two items separately are pretty good for what they seem to be.


Yeah I think I need to redo the mountains I just dont know how to create good mountains like out of terragen. If anyone has any tips feel free to help me out.

You know what this isnt the last of ghost on the lake that you all will see I am going to take into account what everyone said and make Ghost on the lake collecters edition or ghost on the lake remastered you know what I mean :smiley: .
Please continue to tell me what you think needs to be changed or if you have any advice on how to make better mountains please tell me.


P.S. better mounatins tell me how please :expressionless:

Here is the list so far for the changes
-new sky tex more dark
-better mounatins
-better shadows
-grass (mabye fiber script has been a pain)
-fix some rough and too sharp edges
-fix reflection of ghost

Thats about it for now feel free to add to the list


Hey its a good idea man- I think the texturing and lighting is pretty good but the modelling not so-

hhhhm the reflection is back in the water again shard. like befor it good.

Ok fix reflection will be added to the list. Remember I still am looking for better mountains.

lol just model them :smiley: .

the textures are the main problem. It just seems impossible to make good mountain textures that look realistic. If you know of any tell me.

hhhmmm maby i could try some? got a blend of the mountaine u are using im lazy when it comes to modeling lol.