Ghost Clock with GLSL-Shaders

These file is more an experiment than a game.
You get here a fully animated clock with lots of GLSL stuff.

First a picture of it:

And the Blend file you can find here:

Please can you tell me your PC-Config and the framerates you get?

If you find failures and bugs please tell me too.

Thanks in advance and much fun with it.

Too bad I can’t run GLSL, but still it looks really cool. Thanks for showing. =)


For those who can’t use GLSL here is a version without:

And here is the file:

Wow, very nice. The way the clock works (it’s physics) almost makes it seem real. =)

nice I got the GLSL working everything at 60 fps,

You are taking up 75-80% for the rasterizer is all :slight_smile:

nice work, the shaders are neat

wow, looks great!

awesome man!

thumbs up. but tomorrow eh who knows. jk

getting 32-35 frames on fullscreen with a dual core 3800 amd with a dual core 6600 running XP. Very nice. You could make some awesome smoke/fire particles like this. I like the way you animated the noise map so it moves combined with a static alpha map

kirado to up your frames to 60 start the game engine … hit p … then hit alt+cnt+del right click on the game engine process then click set affinity and turn off one of the cpus.

Very very nice. I am in awe of anyone who can use GLSL
Athlon XP 2400+ 2Gb ram Inno3D 6200 graphics - got 21fps

@ jessegp: thanks for the tip but yeah I did that and the frame rate dropped by half :wink:

Hello D-Man the link is broken, can you upload the file agan?


Its online again. It seems that my hoster has problems from time to time.
Im not sure what they are doing.

If the link doesnt work try to download the files later ;-). For now it works

Very nice indeed! Is there a glow shader on the Clock pointer?

on my comp AMD 3000+ , 7600 gt 15fps

Have you try the 2d filters for Zaghaghi?
Would be nice if someone can help to implement a bloom shader :slight_smile:


There isn’t a glow filter (not realy). There is a second plane with a mixed alpha to simulate a glow. And yes I tried the 2D-Filter version of Zaghaghi but it doesn’t seem to work in combination with self created GLSL-Filters. Must be a problem in that way the shaders are setted. So if you use your own shader it will be overwritten by the 2D-Filter(Shader).

By the way: There seems to be a bug in the blenderplayer. If I try to save it as a runtime
it always crashes as well as I drag the blend file over the blenderplayer.exe that comes with the original version of Blender 2.45. If I drag the same file over the blenderplayer.exe done by Zaghaghi it works.

I got 17 fps on an AMD Sempron 2800+ with a gForce 6100 chipset onboard (128 MB shared)
and 28 fps on an AMD X2 4800 with a gForce 7300 graphics board with 512 MB

Very nice subject, many thanks for sharing it.
I like very much the heartbeat of the watch.
Another way to get the right time : Great

15.9 FPS on a Crappy school PC. has a SiS 651 Graphics Card. 224 Mb of RAM, 2.40 GHz. No GLSL Abilities.:frowning:
I’ll Try the GLSL .blend at home, with a much better PC.

Nice clock, I wasn’t sure if this card suppors glsl, but it does.
18fps on 1.8ghz duron with radeon 9550

I actually work on the non GLSL-clock to animate the the spiral-spring too and it looks that I found a solution. Updated blend-file will be uploaded soon.

Thanks for youre replies