"Ghost" - Compo Entré

Made this in about 2 hours for modelling competition for Finnish Blenderheads @ http://www.blender-fi.org


Not much to say about it… Comments are welcome…

edit: Oh… the topic of the contest was “boogie / monster” or something.

The blue things look like they were added in GIMP or PS? Or Nodes…Looks really good! I am a big fan of your work…I really like your Alien

Great Job

Wow…in 2 hours I could maybe model the head. :stuck_out_tongue:

reloaded it several times, cant see a picture … :frowning:

Its all done in blender… well the signia was added with gimp… but everything else is just lamps and nodeworks.

i must learn nodes… congratulations, beautiful glow effect

How do you save your rendering to post or send in an email?

Very nice effet. Would you share the trick. I guess it is a bunch of composition nodes.

F12 - F3 - Open your e-mail / login to your email - attach your picture - click send… ?

I’ll explain it… i use few very hard / powerfull lights to illuminate very rough mesh that has material on it that is very transparrent and uses Colorband for color as “normal”. Bit like the tutorial long time ago that showed the X-ray thingy…

Very nice work. I like the ghost

very nice and great effect. Its looking like live Ghost.