Ghost in the Chell

Hey, guys I’m trying to recreate this scene from the end of Portal 2 as part of an animated film project to continue the story with my version of events …

This is my progress so far …

I’m having trouble with the horizon however, no matter what kind of HD sky texture I use, it always looks pixelated and detracts from the quality of the image. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i usually use CG textures for my sky textures and they dont seem to be pixelated, if that doesnt work try making your sky box bigger, the sky will still be pixelated but the distance will make it alot less obvious

When you say CG textures, do you mean computer generated? How would I do that?

cgtextures - I think he means that, they have some really good sky textures.

Thanks! Those textures off CG are amazing!

the sky textures were generated by an app called terragen. there’s a free version if you want to try it, and there’s even a plugin that can composite between terragen and blender.

My horizon still looks crap, I think I need to wait until I update my PC and I can get it to render a larger area of field.