Ghost Knight; full collision sounds!

The story
After a deep sleep you wake up in a dark room with no memory where you are or how you got there. You feel quite light headed…

What would be the fun of the game if I wrote down the whole story here :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Puzzles
  • Traps
  • Free style combat system (full 1-on-1 motion control, or limited control with mouse/keyboard). So you control your weapon directly and you need to pass the opponents weapon and hit the ghost behind it. So I just want to keep it as simple as possible to implement, since my ragdolls are now slowing me down quite a bit for getting to actual combat :frowning:
  • Horror element (hope I can add some scary element in it, not just funny ghosts ;), at least some ghastly visages accompanying attacks )

Concept art

Think this will also be a nice challenge to explore BGE graphics (transparency, glow, lighting & mist)

Node materials!!! (geometry based transparency :cool:)

Supported controllers

  • Razer hydra
  • Keyboard & mouse (only limited control possible)
  • Face tracking with FaceTrackNoIR (probably at some point/optional)

I might also try a 2 player option with each player 1 hydra controller. Network multiplayer will not be much of a priority.

Any other motion control hardware might be supported (after basic gameplay is functional). Main thing here is that you must provide an easy to set-up interface into BGE, and be willing to help in the implementation. E.g. I am thinking about VR-gloves, PS move, kinect, … (from my experience at least the wii-mote is too inaccurate, so not everything is possible)

So I will start with the weapon control and some basic AI to practise with. If I can get that to work then all else should be possible as well… (although still a lot of work of course :o)

PS: If I set-up the AI properly I might just be able to copy/paste it to my ragdolls eventually :eyebrowlift:

Has this Idea evolved from your Ragdoll Experiments or have you always done those with this particular Project in Mind? (If I’m right this Project mostly makes Use of the Weapon and Fighting Techniques of your Ragdolls, so I guess this evolved from the Ragdolls.)

Will it actually be a Horror Game or just occasionally?

I like geometry-based Transparency, use it too, cool Things can be achieved with it – but the Alpha Sorting dislikes more complex Models, that makes the Use of any Alpha quite hard – BGE and Alpha Sorting are Horror enough to me. :{

It is more a back to basics approach to get to a sword fighting game, since animating ragdolls is a lot of work on its own…
So 2 weeks back I thought let’s make the sword (or axe, spear or whatever) fighting as simple as possible. So just a floating weapon and a target behind it. To me ghosts just fit in perfectly for this :smiley:

Maybe if it all works well I could throw in some ragdoll skeletons at some point :evilgrin:

Ghosts are also fun since you can make up your own rules on physics, interactions etc, so that can give interesting puzzles.

I just feel some horror is mandatory if you theme your game around ghosts, so I would like to have at least some scary moments. But probably also just a lot of fun in between. But not any specific ideas yet, although the theme has a lot of potential.

Hope I can reduce this horror element to a minimum, I only need in game horror :stuck_out_tongue:

this sound rad!!! I’m excited to play it. just as a random idea: it might be cool to have one controller control movement x/y/z and one for your sword, so you could float around… or perhaps just use that sorta movement when a certain key is held down.

Finally got something to show again :D. I worked out basic player controls and made a demo level.

So my main goal is the combat system. However motion control gives some additional options as can be seen in the video (e.g. climbing, building blocks). So what is all your opinions on throwing in puzzles with that?

All comments are welcome!

wow this is actually epic:yes:,are you using a wii remote to play the game?

This does look cool. I can’t wait to throw a large beam at an enemy and knock him down some stairs - or build a bridge or something.

@ Fenice He’s actually using the Razer Hydra -

It’s really a cool controller, and I’m making some games with it as well. =)

This is astounding, I have no Idea how you do that Stuff. The Acrobatics look indeed a Bit not-fun right now, but I am sure you can work it out because I love the Idea of actually climbing these Walls with my own Motion, actually gripping the Blocks that I want to climb. : D

Razer Hydra is way more accurate in position and orientation, and it has plug and play python module making the python integration into Blender very easy. Only thing I am not sure about if it has support outside windows…

The POWER OF PYTHON (and mathematics), and avoid thinking along conventional game concepts. First think what I want then worry about the implementation :confused:.

Wow, great as usual wraaah!

I added a pool table to the level and found out that it’s really really hard to play motion control pool - even in 3D.

Great idea, just added one to my demo level myself :smiley: You just need to add a spot lamp above the table and use the shadows from the balls and spear to aim. And switch which hand slides along the shaft during aiming. I think with some practise you could get some decent control out of it…

So I made this ghostly evil black knight character using an advanced node material set-up. Next I want to focus on getting the AI to work :wink:

Material features:
-Becomes more transparent at the model edges
-Has a shifting transparency map on top
-Has a red glow at the edges of the transparency
-Glowing eyes etc. intensity can be set with a script at BGE runtime
-Overall fading threshold, can be set with a script at BGE runtime

Screenshot of node set-up

this should be the intel project :slight_smile:

Just a quick update. I got a bit stuck with the AI for the moment so now looking into random maze generation for a unique level design each play.

Glad you like the concept, although I am not interested in such projects. Just want to keep this my own hobby project :), no strings attached

Want to team up? I need ghosts in my game…but they are not really ghosts… they are entities that represent people that are trapped on a VR plane, trying to break back through, to where there memories where born, they are not really the “people” that they represent, though they believe they are,

they walk in 2d planes of screens, as well as take form in hacking robots etc, and 3d holo-projectors, they are a faction that is in play in my game, along with
MeK-kai-(chaotic Neutral robots)
Sentient-(neutral pure AI’s{as apposed to a simulated human})
The Others - tribes of tortured evil men
Starfallen- The protagonists group ascended from people who fled earth from the “archiver” but there ship was damaged badly on take off, so they were stuck in a high earth orbit for 150 years… when the craft re-entered, the survivors were able to engage the emergency retro rocket, slowing the craft, but not stopping it, the rocket burned away and melted the rock, and the ship became embedded in it, this is “Old home” where our story begins,

Is that a GSL or multitex or?
I want to go for something like the dark grey future of “Chrono trigger”
I need a texture artist

Do you need anything? maps etc?:slight_smile:

I made a start with randomly generating a maze level, see attachments. I might add it to the BA resources once I stuffed the maze generation full with features…

Current features:
-Builds a maze out of a set of predefined walls, corners, floors (see layer 2)
-3D maze is partially supported (no stairs yet :p)
-Add/Remove objects (cell content) for cells far away from player (physics crunches down with 100x100 cells with all individual walls etc)
-Player movement with mouse click (not very smooth yet…)

F1: First person view
F2: Top view
Mouse click is move to selected location

And does anyone know why the textures won’t render in Blender 2.66a? (works fine in 2.65a)


maze.blend (637 KB)

It has been some time so here is finally an update again on the level generation

Zip file: (2.79 MB)

Controls moving around; WSAD, turn Q and E. Or just use the mouse and click around

I just noticed this stuff today; it’s really awesome.

The ghost knight looks sweet - I wasn’t sure you could pull off sweet ghost stuff, but you totally did.
The maze looks promising as well.

I’m looking forward to playing this!

I don’t know how I missed this one!
Amazing indeed! Great job Wraaah! I will have a closer look after work!