Ghost objects

I’ve been wondering about a thing. Why does Blender allow objects with no vertices? For ex. in objectmode, space->add->mesh->UVsphere, but don’t press ok. Instead, move the mouse so the sliderbox closes and you have an object with no geometry.

Is there a purpose for this behaviour? I was just thinking that it can be confusing to people starting out to get those.

I thought that that was a feature. You could start putting vertices on their right places by ctrl-LMB without needing to get rid of the verts already in object though that’s not too painful to do.

Could be, seems a bit wierd though.

It could be called either a feature or a miswart depending on your view of it.

I suspect that NAN left it that way just because no one cared either way (IMO).

Good question though. I suppose that when leaving Edit Mode Blender should complain if your mesh has zero vertices.

“Hey, this mesh has no vertices. Do you want to delete it or convert it into an empty?”

or somesuch…

in 2.40 pre builds it appears that only selected objects, or ones with 0 verticies have centers


Absolutely could be considered either way. I was just thinking that it would seem more logical, atleast to me, to not make the object if you don’t click ok.

Now that you mentioned it. I can’t select, with box or rightclick, the objects with 0 vertices. Selecting all objects does select them however.