"Ghost" objects?

I detected I have some “ghost” objects in a file: I appended a group from that file into an other file, and there were suddenly objects visible that I din’t expect to be there in this group.
Checking in the original file I see that these objects are not shown in 3D view and in Outliner View - All Scenes. BUT they are shown in Outliner View - “Blender File”. But I cannot really select them there, and I cannot delete them.

How can that happen? How could I find such “ghost” objects, and how could I delete them?

Thanks for any help.

More than one scene or layer in the .blend file? And keep in mind armatures can also have more than one layer as well, because it hides stuff for complex meta-rigs to make up for the fact there aren’t dynamic bones with springiness or similar qualities.

If you’ve added a scene, added objects to it, then deleted the scene… The objects will appear just as you say. They are listed as having zero users and should be removed when the file is saved and reopened. I don’t know if that explains what you’re seeing, but without a blend file to look at it’s tough to tell what you’re seeing.