Ghost Ship WIP With Pics***

I know ive got to light the scene more, this is only a first test of the shadows and shaders. To see how much more light i need for the scene

heres it with the world color off black and on a more grayishness

cycles messed up, not as experienced with it, so I have to do a full rebuild of the ship. Heres some BI planks Im going to create it with

Ships almost done, I need holes in the side for cannons, still need doors modeled, need hinges modeled, need door handles modeled, and sails and sail poles.
(not the mast, the sideways poles on a ship?)

anyway, textureing is done for almost everything. All the wood is mossy and wooden ;D

bottom looks funky because its "Smooth"ed. Would loo better flat, but the texture results look better with smooth on them.

this pic is WITHOUT, the smoothing to the hull.

Why are you compeletly remaking the ship? Can’t you just play with the materials?

Keep us posted with updates. I’m interested in seeing how this thing turns out.


Actually I am remaking the ship because of problems in the original mesh. I had too many verts, and not enough ship…so I made less verts. and built this ship without taking shortcuts (proportional editing, amongst other things) Figured if im redoing the ships materials, why not just redo the whole ship? I mean its all mapped correctly and everything, so I doubt anything would go wrong if I jumped from BI to Cycles. I may do both, and see which one you guys like. The BI will have compositing OFC D:

any updates on this project? did you finish?