ghost ship

somethings with pirates “theme”


I love the volumetric lighting coming from above the grid.
Good textures.
The scene is a bit dark,it has to be dark I know but it could have a tiny bit more light.
Very nice work.

The light is perfect. Very nice. Texture, atmosphere, colors, all work well. Excellent.

Too bad all I get is that crappy white background in the web browser from the forum page though. Washes out the entire scene. Had to change system settings to get a black background so I could actually see the canon there. %|

So ya, won’t be using that service. You may want to consider formating a page or just posting a link and using the gray background of the forum pages.

Could use some cobwebs or other minor details, everything looks pretty clean for a ghost ship. But the job to date is very nice work! :smiley: