Ghost texture

Setting new texture to object. Rendering. Not showing the correct texture, but instead some other texture. Opengl rendering preview showing correct texture. Losing my mind with this “data block” and whole f— mess of texturing in Blender. Sorry. Why… why can’t the texture editor and assigning textures be normal, like the way we humans understand it?

Have you assigned the texture in a texture channel of the material or are you referring to the texture display in UV Mode? Provide some pics or a blend cause I don’t understand your problem.

Never mind, I solved that. The “ghost” texture was caused by yafray spot lights (bumpy artifacts) and the reason that procedural color texture was too big(?) to show anything but the base color. Those two reasons made me believe there is a ghost texture on that object.

It’s a fairly fluid operation once you understand where every thing is and what each button does. There is a bit of an interface problem for noobs (define textures in F6 then assign texture mapping and blending in F5…why?) which is one of the reasons why you’ll see a lot of chatter and trash talk about Blender needing a GUI overhaul. The reason for the above has to do with screen real estate and object property heirarchies. Until everyone has a 26" or larger monitor the confusion will continue but you can be assured that the GUI is exceptionally well thought out and the only way to make it more fluid would be to controll it via thought waves.