can someone explain why this ghosht image in my front view only:D :smiley:

How do i get rid of this ghost

Thanks & Salutations


That’s very odd…
Are you sure it’s not just another object? Posting a .blend would help:yes:

OK one more detail

i just saw that the anchor you see is an instance of another object
but that is not a reason to have a ghost like that !


The strangest thing is why is it doing it only in the frontview window not the other view?


What layers are visible? hmm…

Is it me or does the right view anchor look like its in the same positon as ghost in front view?

Hmm the top and user view seems to be in the same position as ghost also so the odd anchor I beleave is the main one seen in front view and your ghost is actualy in all your views.

Just going from the views provided, no blend file: Since the anchor that’s vertical in the front view isn’t visible in the other views, it must be far away from the boat (like halfway between the camera and the boat in front view). It only seems to be in the right place because of the orthogonal view. The “ghost” is a duplicate anchor that’s angled up over the rail. This should be dead easy to see if you rotate one of the views with the MMB.

There is only one layer on #3

The 3D view does show another anchor top but it is not shown in the front view
OR may be it is - Good Point
i will change height and see what happen


That was a nice illusion

What where the chancea of having an angle anchor in the digni with the bottom aligned with the top of another Anchor far in front of it 1/ 1,000,000 :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

Thnaks Anyway