Oh, well I do remember how to post here!

First blend since at least a couple of years, don’t be too rude :smiley:

Whole scene [Original 4000x6000 px] in GhostLO.jpg:
Detail, at somewhat less than half-size in GhostDE.jpg.



omg, it’s s68!

i would try little bit different composition… or camera angle (depending how long this rendered)

maybe crop some of that floor away… character is right in middle (vertically) and horizont line is in middle too… it’s kind of… weird. also how the vase is now exactly the same length from other end of screen as the character is from other… ofcourse, you always had a liking of symmetric things… :slight_smile:


The background doesn’t sit well whit me, the coulds look a bit flat. Foreground is great, but then the ghost feels very missplaces, almost unfinished in this. Dunno, maybe she’s juts too visible.

Hey stefano! been a while, nice to see you back! (were you around when I changed my nick? if not, I’m X )

first off, the ground looks quite good!
As hippie said, the cloud layer does look a bit flat. Having multiple layers (some higher in the atmosphere) could help this a little bit.

Anyway, you did keep your style even after all those years. Hope to see more from you soon!

So nice and motivating to see new work from you, Stefano!

I really like the ideas in this image and the tone in which they were expressed, especially how you’ve handled the ghostliness of the character.

Your Blender abilities and excellent sense of aesthetics have always been an inspiration.

I hope you will continue to post more new works.

Take care,


Hi all!

Thanks for positive comments & constructive criticism… actually I used
a foreground I already presented with a stupid arbaro made plant…

The real thing I wanted to play with was soft bodies to build the dress and new particles for hairs.

The dress was a pain and I had to tweak a lot the vertices after baking, and the hair too do not convince me 100%

Anyhow… I’m alreadi preparing for next project :slight_smile:


the clouds are too dark and the ghost looks weird, I dont know what is wrong with her though.

I think there is an issue with the ghost’s pose that dulls the impact she should have.

The angle of her hips points down from left to right and her abdomen is very curved- but her shoulders are level. I think it would be very difficult for a human to do this. The line of her shoulders should point up from left to right with the angle of hips and curvature of back. There should also be some angle to her neck either to have her face pointing straight or leaning back. I think these adjustments to the pose will add much more life to your ghost ( ha ha) and once you have done them, perhaps something with the left arm- currently it looks very ‘cg’ just hanging straight down.

I like this concept a great deal, though.