Ghostbusting in Blender?


While I know that Blender could never replace something like After Effects or Boris for visual effects, based upon my limited knowledge of the software, one would think that it could be a great visual effects platform for those who cannot afford to jump into a $400-600 commitment for other software.

I’ve seen lightsaber/lightsword effects produced in Blender and was just wondering, could something similar be achieved for something like the Ghostbusters proton streams and ghost trap catch sequences?

While I have found a video of a proton pack modeled in Blender on YouTube, the proton stream effects were generated using After Effects.

Again, I have little to no Blender experience right now but, am always looking to learn more and am constantly lurking around here looking at the wonderful work that people do in Blender. I also figured that, being so close to Halloween, it might be a fun topic for discussion.

Technical Breakdown of the Effects themselves:

Generally speaking, the “core” of the proton stream is only slightly different than the lightsaber, with one exception. While a lightsaber might have a whitish “core” whose glow emanates out evenly, the proton streams have an additional central core, on top of that glow. There is a lightning or electrical arc that wraps around the glow, but not the central core.

The ghost trap would seem to be easier to do on the surface. There would be a lens flare at the point of the open trap and then an inverted triangle of light emanating from that point. Those seem simple enough. However, there are additional particles in the light beam as the entity is sucked into the trap. It would seem they could be generated with particle generation.

Again, this is all “high-level” thought. I could be completely wrong due to my lack of technical experience with Blender. I was just thinking I would pose it to the community to see if it would be a viable possibility to create a realistic effect considering the criteria.

Whilst not exactly what you are looking for - these tutorials may contain some methodology that could help you achieve the effect you are after.

For glowing lightning type bolts, streams etc

for the sparks that appear where the stream hits a surface (or out of the end of the neutron wand)

THANKS! This is definitely a good starting point. I’ll do a more complete viewing of these when I get home.

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