Ghosting Addon Updates?

Hi All, (by Leiro) doesn’t work with recent builds of Blender, perhaps because of bmesh. I tested it in 2.62 and it worked fine.

Does anyone know Leiro or how to get hold of him? I’d like to find out if it’s possible to update the script.

Failing that, does anyone know of something similar? In case you aren’t familiar with it, it adds ghost outlines of preceding and subsequent frames, sort of like onion-skinning.

hi rontarrant, the addon should work but you need to manually update the Ghost frame settings from Object data Panel… this is a bug that was fixed some time ago, and then was broken again, but script worked nicely for at least a few months :wink: see that the manual update is only important the first time, then for updating path you can use sliders to change settings

anyway, be sure to try Crouch’s Motion Trail addon or ask Alligorith or some developer to code this feature properly

Thanks, liero. Right from the horse’s mouth (so to speak); I like that. :slight_smile:

I do have Crouch’s Motion Trail addon as well. Again, thanks.

Looks like it’s really broken now. When I set a couple of keyframes on an object and click Create/Update in the Toolbox/Ghosting panel, Blender goes off into an infinite loop crash. So the ghost object doesn’t show up as an object and thus can’t be updated manually in Object Data.

that’s what happen when you touch the addon sliders the very first time -not the button-
just removed them anyway, you will need to go to object panel to set a usable range till I find something that doesn’t crash

Sorry, I guess I didn’t explain very well. It crashes while trying to create the ghosting object. There are no sliders yet.

are you sure it is a recent version of addon that you are playing with…? because it works ok for me

You’re right. It wasn’t the latest version. That’s what I get for assuming the external scripts library was up to date.

I downloaded using the link you provided. The range you’re talking about, is that the one under Motion Paths?

hi, ghost objects are just bones, go to armature data panel and edit ghost range there…

Okay, got it now. Thanks.