GI in 3Delight?

3Delight claims to have implemented GI in its new version. I had a go at getting it to work but my Renderman knowledge is kind of limited (I’m one of those people who relies on you clever Pythonheads! :wink: )

Has anyone tried to get a GI image out of 3Delight, or seen any test images, cornell boxes or whatever anywhere on the web? You’d think 3Delight themselves would put some sample images on their site but they haven’t.


Well, it has nothing to do with python, but in any case, you have to write a shader that makes use of functions like ‘occlusion’ and/or ‘indirect_diffuse’. The syntax seems to be similar (if not the same) as the last PRman release.

just on the side: where can you get 3delight? :expressionless:

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Global illumination

It is basicly the kind of color bleeding you would expect from radiosity renderings. It doesnt have much todo with lighting or shadows, just color.
(notice the reflected green color on the sphere)


With Occlusion:

Without Occlusion:

It very oversimplified places shadows where geometry is close to other geometry. This is the kind of effect you see in alot of tank renderings on the web. Where there arelines ordifferent parts close, it gets darker. You can simulate this in blender with a lightdome.

(note, the renderings were just quick renderings to demonstrate the effects, so they use low sampling values, thus the quality is not as good as it could be)

These effects are implemented in the latest release(and as of today the renderman support sortof, kindof works for still images) of tuhopuu. Ie you might have problems getting it to work in versions that were released before today. But you still need to have a bit of renderman knowledge since there are some bugs to work around, and its not very userfriendly yet. So I wouldnt advice people to use it just now.

NOTE: expect bugs :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on with the hooks to 3Delight! Thanks in advance for all the time & effort put into giving us a raytracer that works with Blender out-of-the-box!


Well, I could only try it with 3delight, but it works reasonably well already, at least in some cases. Great work Green!


I donloaded 3Delight for windows and installed on WinXP but I think 3Delight have a bug in the installation process.

If you can’t render, take a look in the “environment variables” and you can see the DL_DISPLAYS_PATH points to the LIB folder instead of DISPLAYS

I hope this help someone.

hey green, I tried to render with XP and 3Delight with your release/test here…but I only got black (blank) screen…tried all lights, and with and withouth subsurf… evene installed the latest 3Delight (1.0.3)

any tip how to use it?

grrrr… :stuck_out_tongue:

Use an Spot light instead of the normal camera (at least work for me)