GI renderer to finally render particles?

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all in the title.
since cycles is still under development and actually doesn’t support hair renders,
since yafaray is still under development and it seems there are no mac compatible releases…

is there any chance to have a global illumination photo-realistic way to render HAIR, assuming i have no intention to convert to meshes, as the hair will loose most of their “hair” effect upon converting?

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Yafaray 0.1.2 beta 3 for Win, mac (OSX 10.6) and linux:-

is it supporting particles/hair now? :open_mouth:

Particles object visualisation:-

Particles hair:-

Child particles for hair is currently not supported, though it is for objects.

Hair works in Lux too. The size is a little off in the old 0.8 version (it took Blender’s size param to be meters, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when modeling to scale). The dev versions use the size param as mm, so you get that with the default thickness^ Excuse the bad comb job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Render material setting is respected, children do not work. Hair exported as instances of a geometric cylinder primitive, so it’s low on memory use but DOES NOT work with the GPU renderer.

wow lotsa interesting replies.

let’s start from beginning: i have tested mac version on yesterday and i have to admit it’s really a step farther the 0.1.1 version.
i am really happy to be able to go back to yafa (even cycles is not that bad at all).
i noticed hairs are rendered quite well: what’s the matter with the children though? should i use more main emitter rather than using children then?

before posting here i checked lux render and saw that it is just 2.57 compatible and therefore avoided to download, didn’t find a worthy effort considering i should learn it from scratch.
r u saying that it is now fully compatible and should be takne into account in place of yafa and cycles?

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Where’d you see it was only compatible with 2.57? The soon-to-be-release-candidate version works fine with 2.62:

Follow the instructions there for the dev versions. :slight_smile:

yeah i read that no yday :smiley:

doing a rough check.
don’t know much of luxrender…