GI test corkscrew

(Skates) #1

this was made in about 45 minutes, 20 more to render. I just did it for fun. The chrome and floor were made in MatSpider LF, rendered in LF, with teh help of eeshlo’s amazing script.

(Dittohead) #2

where is this script you speek of.

(Skates) #3

it might not be out yet…“beta”…anyway, I shouldn’t have posted this. I think.

(blengine) #4

looks pretty good, needs more anti aliasing though =\ i love the ground relfection =D

(emtilt) #5

Where can you get LF? Also, how did you model the twisting part of the corkscrew?

(Skates) #6

for LF head on over to
as for the modelling, I took a nurbs circle, turned off cyclic mode (mode?) by pressing C. I also clicked endpoints U so that the curve directly follows the control points. Set the curve for 3D. Next, take each point and move it a certain amount…since there are 8 control points, take the first, move it up 7, the second, move it up 6 (I held CTRL so that it moved evenly.) Once I had a good even upward twist on the first segment, I duplicated the curve and joined the ends by selecting the two endpoints and pressing F. After that, I ended up with a good corkscrew shape. After that it was a simple matter of converting to mesh and attaching the pointy end and extruding the tail section.

(Eric) #7

You can also use the screw feature to do something like this.

(emtilt) #8

I just get 404 errors at

(mrunion) #9


You’re missing the “t” in “lightflow” in your URL.

(microman) #10

:o very well done, i like the crome.

(Skates) #11

You’re missing the “t” in “lightflow” in your URL.


(RipSting) #12

I just posted a mini-tute here on the forums for modeling a perfect double-helix. This could very easily be adapted for creating a single-helix (like a corkscrew). Throught you might be interested:

(S68) #13

Hehe there is still old version available on eeshlo site :slight_smile:

(seek a post from eeshlo, follow the link to his homepage)