Giana Sisters (winner)

Giana sisters -
It won 1st price in weekly cg competitio. and topic was Game Bosses , i had fun making it , it was amazing experience ,
one of my fav oldschool game
I hope everyone will like it

Some Wips

Done in blender cycles
Rendertime - 1 Hour
Highres -


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really cool ! just wondering how many samples did this take

This is amazing.

this one took 1000 samples . and it still has few jittery spots :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Another incredible work Draguu, I love it !

If you didn’t win the competition then something is wrong. Excellent work.

lovely work as usual :slight_smile:

Ohh my
So beatifull
Great job

Thank you so much guys
I won that competition and it was amazing experience… Thank you for all support

Excellent work, it looks so cool. :o

i like with the color. The character expression also superb . Great job :slight_smile:

Thanks man

What a scene! The characters are supercute, the environment is so refreshing and the compostion supports the theme flawless.
Also to think of it as an endboss-fight the character-interaction is so much fun to look at. Beautiful Job! I would love to play this game…:wink:

duku plz make a short movie out of this… :rolleyes:

I’ve never played this game, but your piece makes me really want to. She seems like a very adventurous and optimistic little girl!

5 stars !!

Man I really love it so much, Fast q, What kind of light did you use to create this nice resultes?

If this doesn’t make you smile, you’re dead inside… Lovely! Great job on every figgin aspect!

Love it ! Waking up to reality. Small girl realises actuality of existence for first time ? Big bad dragon defeated by happy girl ?