Giancarlo Esposito - Gus Fring - Likeliness Modelling/ Sculpting


First Picture:

Im far from my goal, I want to make a photorealistic copy of the Face of the Breaking Bad character Gustavo Fring, to complete it ith shading and grooming, I need a solid mesh base. Critic as much as you can, no opinion is wrong. Say everything what you think and how i could get nearer to my goal!

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After advice from my father

Working time by now: about 4 hrs

I’ve never sculpted a face, so take anything I say with a pinch of salt. Just a few observations.
At the moment, the brows look quite weak. They should be more pronounced. I also think the shape of the eyes is wrong at the moment. They’re too oval, and there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of structure to them (eyebrows, eyelids etc…)

Take a good look at eyes. Don’t rely on just the image you have above, look at eyes in general. If you’re aiming for a realistic end goal, eyes are the most important thing to get right I’d say.

I’d say the face structure is a little too lumpy aswell.

Make sure you use plenty of reference images aswell, and don’t limit your search of references to just the character, look for images of the Actor too. If you can get some front and side view images, they’ll help you a lot, especially with general proportions and anatomy.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your long response!

I have fed my second screen with dozens of various references :slight_smile: now and will go on with this long and steap way towards a realistic Gus Fring, I will need all the luck you wished me! Thank you!

A face is one of the hardest things in 3d and realistic is even harder. When you want a good result you should also study a the anatomy of the human face and that will help you to place the muscles right.

One thing that can also help is to find a frontview photo of his face and import it in the 3d view as a reference (also gather a lot of reference) to see if you placed the eyes right and so on.

I will take the same challenge when i have the time to do it but i sculpted several faces before so

  • first get the general form of the head right. (probably start again?) His face is a bit longer and a bit narrow
  • his eyes seems to be too low or the fronthead is not round enough at the top
  • the lips are different in form and size ( upper lip is bigger at the middle and thinner at the ends)

I am currently making a cartoonish face and my second try from scratch looked way better to me but is of cause more work -> the more faces you do the better they look and start from the general look to the details.


First of all thank you both for your Replys:

front view

side view

gustavooo.pur (4.2 MB)
my ref screen

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So the proportions are in my perspective okay, I want to to follow your advice now, and break down each part of his face one after another!

Altough his face is relative remarkable, its way harder than I thought at the beginning.

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It is hard and will take time but the anatomy is very important… placing the muscles with the clay strip brush from the reference will help you.

Im currently working on a very remarkable part of Gus, These ears. But i have very Little experience creating ears :confused:

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If you have the time, could you explicitly point out anatomy mistakes in my Gus model

nice start in the ears, and yes focus in the shape of the head, if it is quad, heart,etc face type, size of the nose, position of the eyes, lips size, ear position, anatomy face details, those are stuff that i have been struggling with scultping heads. also to add more deeper details like wrinkles, pores, etc add then after retopology and use multi resolution modifier for that… btw i was making this job

Do you don’t think it wouldn’t be better better adding details trough normal/bump maps?

yes also that can be done for less experienced sculpters like him (including me too).

Made eyelids, eyebrow region, facial structure and mouth a bit clearer

Until i connect my ear with the head, I will need to apply the mirrormodifier and be confident with both my ear and my head

Eyes looking much better!

Make sure you use those references as best you can. Use the grab brush (I think??) To push and pull things to line up. Looks like the back of the neck could go in a little. Neck also looks a little thin.

Just out of interest, why is the ear separate? For vert modelling, it makes sense, but for sculpting, I thought it’d be the same ‘lump of clay’, as it were…

Also, you say you need to apply the mirror modifier? Sculpting has it’s own mirror settings, and so it’s not really required. I’d apply it ASAP, and make sure the base mesh geometry is connected properly, or it could end up giving you some issues.

Also, someone above mentioned sculpting details like pours etc…That should be the vert last thing you do! I purchased a very good brush pack from the Blender Market called the Sculptors Tool Box - it’s not too expensive either.

You’d then use that high poly mesh with all of the details, and bake a normal map onto your lower res retopod mesh. Depending on poly count, Blender will crap the bed, and so I find xNormal to be much better. But all of that is way down the line - but something to consider.

You’re doing good so far. Just focus on getting the very basics right before you think about adding details and over refining. Smooth out the head shape etc…There are still too many lumps and bumps I think.

Also a big thanks to you and your long response! I thought I mentioned above I have produced this mesh with edge and vertex modelling, so I separated the ear for better modelling

Which pack are you exactly recommending?

And common question, is the ZBrush brushpack also usable in blender

Ahh, ok, I thought you were sculpting it. Keep the Mirror modifier in place then until you are near finished with the mesh. Make sure it’s at the top of the modifier stack. All you need to do is join the ear object to the head object, and it will keep the mirror in place. Make sure you select the Ear object First, and then then head, so the head is the active object. Otherwise it will only inherit modifiers from the ear.

The brush pack is this: - It’s a blender brush pack.

Seeing as you’re not sculpting, I’d recommend you check out the Blenderella videos:

They aren’t hand hold tutorials, but it’s gives a lot of good general information - the ear video will likely help you.

In the subsurf modifer, tick the optimal display checkbox too. It will remove all of the subsurf wireframe stuff when in wireframe mode - Makes everything easier to see, which is especially helpful when modelling from reference.


Yeah I already found the website, which pack did you purchase, because there are various packs with different kinds of brushes.

Many thanks for the tutorials, I will take a look at them today in the evening, I dont know where you come from, but in any case Happy Fathers/ Mens Day!

Hello again, so now i merely need an explanation from an experienced Blendr user :wink:

I have to merge the ear on the right, with the head on the left.

I want to mantain this “okay” topology and under no circumstances want to use a boolen op