Giant Bat model

ok so i drew this during school a couple days ago and i decided i’m gunna try and model it. i’m new at blender so i’m gunna need a lot of tips and crits as i go. does anyone have any tips for me before i start?

here is the ref pic.

i think as i go i’m gunna make it look more batlike instead of human like but this is all i ahve for now.

Nice concept.

Let’s see . . . well for modeling things like fantasy creatures, I found I learned fast by following tutorials like Bongo, by trying to recreate the model following the exact steps the author took. That way you get really familiar with blenders important modeling tools. If your not already familiar with the blender basics, try following some of the beginner tutorials.

That’s pretty much how I would start. Following a few tutorials and then applying what you learn to your own project.

You can find lots of good tutorials in the blender tutorial archive.

Hope that helps. I think I’d like to see it when it’s finished. :slight_smile:

here’s a tip: learn how to spell ‘going to’ :Z

that wasn’t nescesary, if you haven got anything good to say say nothing at all, and have you ever hear of ‘slang’???

I was being light hearted- hence, the zorro. Sorry if I offended anyone- didn’t mean to

Right now it looks more like a mongbat or just a bat-headed gargoyle - you probably want BAT bat features to stand out, i.e. wings along his arms instead of seperated.

oop’s sorry but i didn’t get that :expressionless: i feel like i was being too harsh. :frowning:

anyway, nice bat, i like the drawing, and would love to see it blendered…ed, i like the look of it :wink: