giant beast for movie...

(Nayman) #1

A friend is in production of a sequl to his kung fu epic “Nakashima”

The second installment calls for the title character to do battle with a 70 foot tall snake demon. After careful research, he realized that no such creature actually exists. Therefore it is quite difficult to procure… muchless train one.

So, i was called in to design one…

I bring you… the Rangora Demon.

(still in test stages for movement)

(Homer) #2

Just curious How much was done in Blender?

BTW I think it looks fantastic, love the camera shots and movement of the er whatever it is :wink: .

(Nayman) #3

the monster is going to be completely animated and compositied in blender.

It was also built in blender… but the movie is live action

(BgDM) #4

Very cool! The camera shaking is excellent, though a little off on the second shake.

Very stylized demon. Remionds me of Final Fantasy game monsters.


(pofo) #5

Scary looking, kind of riminds me of those zerg guys in starcraft.

And that shifting background makes it look as if it’s in a jeans pocket or something like that :o (pofo quickly empties his pockets)

  1. pofo

(crow) #6

No filter can be found to play this file. Windows Media player fully updated i have… any clues??

(Nayman) #7

divx 5.02

(bg3D) #8

holy moly!
runs for another pair o’ underoos

(harkyman) #9

That’s great. The way it crabs to the side kicks ass. Reminds me of the bugs in Starship Troopers. So, who exactly is fighting this thing?

(Goofster) #10

who cares? as long as it’s not me :smiley:

(Nayman) #11

An ancient warrior named Nakashima.

In the first movie he defeated his brother, hirosaki.

But the first was a low budget comedy, but the director decided, based o nthe succses of thie first, to make a sequel, and add some killer FX, so he called me in to make a ginat snake beast… known as “the Rangora” for Nakashima to fight. We figure, the beast is about 70 feet tall, so he has his work cut out fo rhim.

(deks) #12

Quicktime says it haven’t any support for the file. But it is an Divx movie!! WHY???

(Nayman) #13

its a really new codec… not supported on macs… here, try this…

(NateTG) #14

:o excellent. looks very professional.

…i am guessing it is inspired by the hydralisk… and rightly so. THAT is one freaky beast. :o

…i wish i could do that… :x

(Nayman) #15

Atually, it wasnt intentionally based on anything… it just seems all the good desings aree taken… the hed was a little bit based o nthe balrog from LOTR… the giant rams horns… but thats it

(Ecks) #16

is it for a professional movie by a compagny or just a little movie that your friend make for fun? I want to see him in a exterior scene like in the street of new-york!

(Nayman) #17

no, its just a student film…

I am deeply into the indie scene… right now i am rendering him in a field… so soon, you will get your wish

(deks) #18

WOW!!! Thats was a very god animation!!! I actually have a projekt of my own. The title is: Evil inside. Not just a ordinary shool day. It’s about a stone that crach into my shool and every student becomes monsters. I and 2 others becomes the heroes. And of course our mission are. Defeat all crippy monsters. It’s gonna have some nasty Matrix effects and i very very big end monster. That’s comes out of the shools ground. That gonna be a scene to remember. I will probably post it here to watch. I hope it will be about 30-50 minutes