Giant Centipede Vs Superheroes!

Firestorm Teleport!

Ice Ray

full video: ( a contest entry, so please vote 5 happy centipede stars! )

Created for the Doritos contest in just two weeks, including modeling, texturing and rigging the centipede.

100% blender internal, because I wanted volumetric smoke and point density effects.

The effects are 100% blender, aside from creating a shadow asset and cutting out an elbow for scene repair.
(And the dirty lens image - that’s a picture I took)

The color grading and compositing is also 100% blender. No retouching.

I wanted to create a cool monster, and had no idea what monster to make, but after much searching I spied a giant centipede monster which made my skin crawl - which is just perfect for this contest. I haven’t rigged anything in years, and really enjoyed the entire process.

I’m nearly happy with how the scenes turned out, however, I might give the centipede another run in cycles and see how realistically I can composite it. (without all the color grading)