Giant controls at bottom of screen


Is it just my setup or are the controls along the bottom of the screen completely out of whack? The buttons are all huge, and I have to scroll way back and forth to see the various options.

This is on a mac running snow leopard, the latest beta.

Do I just need to scale the window, since it is openGL based? It seems like that is what’s wrong, but I’ve tried every combination of option, control, left, right, shift, that I can think of on my miserable two button mac mouse. It is configured to emulate 3 button mouse though, and I can rotate objects etc.

But how do I fix that bottom set of menus? They just go way off the screen in both directions.

I tried searching for this issue – but that search is not very great or I’m using it wrong. I just get a list of threads – many like 12 pages long, with no indication of where my search term might be in there??


I don’t have any issues running the beta on OSX, but to rescale any menus to best fit the panel they are on try hitting the home button on the keyboard with your curser hovering over the panel.

If all else fails you can always reset the view back to defaults with
File->Load Factory Settings

It sounds to me like you are trying to use the old UI layout which doesn’t really work that well with blender 2.5, also remember to uncheck “load UI” when opening an old .blend

Not sure about Leopard, but in windows Blender 2.49 you can size the menus while holding the Ctrl key and scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Haven’t tried it in 2.53.

Never mind. I didn’t see you were using the latest beta.