Giant feet...

Any body know where some size 19 skates (roller blades, ice skates, ski shoes) exist? I have freakishly huge feet, and I like those sports, but now I can’t really do them anymore.

Don’t you just love all of those creepy growth hormones that are sneaking into our food chain?

stick to swimming, Ian. I mean, you’ve got a ton of gold already!

PS - try contacting your local pro basketball team manager.

? My name’s not Ian. And I can’t swim well. I’m more into music. Hahaha.

I have considered contacting a basketball people for shoes, but they probably don’t ice skate…

Use those bad boys for the bass drum dude. You should be able to “kick as*”!
'Cides that, chicks have a tale about feet and, urm, other physical attributes !?!

Size 19? What the heck is going on!?

Wait, are these European sizings? I worked in a rock climbing gym and the biggest we had for climbing slippers was 14.

But my dad has huge feet and plenty of skates+blades. I don’t know how the American/Euro sizing works but if you want them I know my dad has retired both long ago.



Good question.

Size 19?!
I thought mine were huge at 13 (British size)

Mine are about 11UK/11.5USA/46EUR…

Your feet must be either huge (which you appear to be indicating), or tiny (if you’re a 19 EUR).

They are 19 US. Freakish I know. I’m 6’5", and not done growing either. Can’t help it, you know?

Aye, you have my sympathy. I’m only about 6’1" (aprox. 187cm) and probably won’t grow much more, if at all (I turned 17 just last month and am pretty sure any grow that happens will be more bulk than height).

Isn’t it annoying when shops have banners n’ things hanging low enough that they collide with your head? And overhanging branches, and seats on trains or busses which barely give enough legroom, and…

Basicly, people who envy height probably aren’t aware of the disadvantages. And often tall people, even ones who are not really far from the norm (like me), are overlooked and end up suffering (maybe not hugely, most of the time, but still…).

And, yes, I’m aware of at least some of the problems which come with being short(er).

My son is thirteen and was 6 foot 5 last time I checked, grows about a half inch per month

A lot of ice skates are custom made, when I take my son for his they put them in an oven to soften the gel lining then you put them on still hot and keep them on till they’ve cooled and molded to the foot.

Your best bet is to go down to your rink when the serious skaters practise, probably between 6 and 8am and ask one of the trainers who they would recommend as a fitter in your area. You would likely have to order the rough sized in advance and then go in to have it fitted to your feet.

(directed at 1Samildanach)wait, WHAT??? ok, i don’t know what your problem is, but i have never found tall people to be overlooked in any way. if anything, they’re catered to. oh, boo-hoo. you’re tall. guess what. height is intimidating, it commands respect. bulk up, get a good job, and people will obey you. now, if you were short (like me), you’d have even more problems. hard to get chicks, pushed around every where you go, kinda hard to be athletic because no one gives you the chance/believes you’re any good. yeah, short = sucky life. but i go on. (directed at Saxofoner)oh, and the size 19 feet, man, i don’t know what’s going on there. i’ve got a couple tall friends, and they don’t have feet that huge… must be somethin’ in the water… whatever, you can get most anything custom-made these days. if all else fails, check the internet.

if you were short (like me), you’d have even more problems. hard to get chicks,
Not true, there are many chicks who would be content to rest their pints upon your head while you went about your business! :slight_smile:

Thing is, you’re only experiencing shortness, I’m only experiencing tallness. Socially and that, tall people maybe be favoured, but often things don’t seem to be designed to accomidate taller (not huge, just a bit taller) people.

Short people can be imtimidating too, and they can be strong. Which would you feel less inclined to upset, a 6’3" averagish bloke or 5’6" bloke who’s built like a brick insert word of choice?

The important thing isn’t height, amount of muscle, amount of intelect, money, or any of that*, but how you make use of it. Which would you prefer to be with, someone who’s highly intelegent, but just sits around acting superior and expecting the world to be sorved on a silver platter (with a black cherry on top), or an average/below-average person who spends lots of time trying to learn and expand their abilities? Who’ll be better off in 10 years, someone who has millions and spends loads here there and everywhere, or someone who has much less but spends carefully and saves what they can?

Though this may not be the most encoraging example, my mother would be quite happy with a short man, as long as he fitted other requirements (like being a nice person, and not being fat).

*I admit some things are easier to work with than others, but still…

To repeat the meaning of my first sentence, you and I both have only one side of things to base stuff on, so neither of us can really know which would be worse.

Please, let us agree there are downsides to everything, advantages to everything, and what one does (or tries tot do) with what one has is important (and possibly should more important that what one starts with).

WTF!!?? send 'em my way!!!

but seriously, i understand a characteristic is useless unless if you use it right, but still, i’d rather be taller. personal preference. though my career choice is to be a video game designer, i’ve always dreamed of traveling the world, with my only possessions being a large sword, the clothes on my back, and my debit card. i understand it’s incredibly unrealistic, but i love wandering, and to take a couple years off after college would be awesome, i just want to look/feel good, and height’s a factor (i’m already of an acceptable intellect, and i’m wonderful at managing money). well, that’s all.

maybe not
when you mentioned a short person built like a brick, i just remebered that little guy from Mulan, how the big guy could just pick him up like some kind of child, and rock him side to side to calm him down. kinda creepy, i know, but sometimes i just can’t control my thoughts. also, i hate people who are born smart, cuz then they’re all cocky, thinking they can just pick up and understand everything, then come the end of high school they forget everything because the tests are over. people who learn for the short term are losers and doomed. learning is for life. i love constantly striving to learn everything i can. everyone should involve themselves with a healthy challenge.

i’ve always dreamed of traveling the world, with my only possessions being a large sword, the clothes on my back, and my debit card.

Travlin’ light is the only way to go! :smiley: