Giant Olmec Head

Recent research on the Maya led to this…

Let me have your crits, please!

Tip: before I begin detailing i delete half of the model in editmode. Exit editmode, ALT_D, ESC, CTRL_M on the x axis to get mirroring similar to wings. One caveat is that if you create a scene for each major step you have to redo the process. If i knew python i would love to bind this to a key or menu.

looks very good. A nice disp map for the details would help too.

thanks samadam, that’s what i was thinking for the top of the head. i haven’t done any real texturing in blender yet so it should be a learning experience. :wink:

lookin good

got the ear on…

hmm. my topology is aweful.

Cool idea, not your usual head model. You’re doing a good job getting it close to the original. Is that your only reference pic? This is going to look great with the right textures so keep working.

Looks great so far. Just needs a good texture to make it look like it’s a couple hundred years old :smiley:

One thing I noticed, is the headband around him is thicker than that on the statue, but the rest is awesome.

Eva: yep, my only reference pic. I’m sure there are more out there, I just wanted to get modeling. Took me a good 6 hours, i think!

mr_bomb: I’d like to try my hand at developing a Material for this - trying to get a procedural stone look. I will, however try to create a displacement or bump map for the detail on the top.

FrostByte: yeah, the headband, definitely. There are other spots that are more of a problem for me tho, such as where the “sideburn” comes down from the head band. I’m still learning to model with subdivs.

I think that it’s very close to being done (modeling that is). I don’t want to get too crazy since this is my first real model in blender.

Thanks again!

Yup, very nice!




Started with a Material from the materials library from here:

Can anyone tell my why the material looks stretched on his cheek + headband (as opposed to smaller on his “sideburn” and nose/lips area)? I tried global/sphere in the Map Input window.

Lit by two sun lamps with ray shadow.

WOAH i thought you were re-posting the reference pic. Thats awesome. Really good texture. But i dont know why its stretching.

Cool… :slight_smile: Good idea, and well executed so far… it will be a challenge to match the stone texture, but the modeling seems very accurate to the reference. Keep it up!

doh! the “stretching” turned out to be my subsurf level. I changed it from 4 to 5 and it looks much better - but now i need to adjust my material normal settings.

thanks for looking!