Giant Samurai Rampages

Hello Guys
2nd post here.
This was my entry on the Blenderguru character competition that ended weeks ago.
It’s also my latest project.
It’s a very late post, so…yeah, sorry about that :smiley:
Comments and critiques are welcome!
Hope you like it guys!


awesome render, just one question: are those mountains and clouds in the background images/skyboxes or did you create them? All around this is awesome, good job.

This is great! I love the sense of scale that the arrows and the sword tips give. The texturing is really nice as well.

Nice work, the picture has it’s own feeling and environment
and i like it.

The mountains and clouds are background images :smiley:

man this is so fantastic and awesome , great work ,his leg,s seems little short ,yet it,s still a grate work i like all the arrow,s around his body it,s like if thy try,d to kill him , but you cant kill a died man can you :slight_smile:

Awesome!!! Lots of details, great mood, texturing etc. Bravo!

This blows my mind. Awesome work bro! Also love the colors! :slight_smile:

This is so effin DOPE! Great job.