Giant scary snake demon

(Nayman) #1

I realize one leg goes through the other, but the render took 10 hours so fat chance I am fixing it.

Oh, and the sound is jsut a propsoal, i like the hissing and clicking, but roar needs work

(Alltaken) #2

hey thats pretty cool

the sound effects were ok

don’t like the screaming

and the thumps need to be a bit more muffeld

very cool animation

(ec2) #3

That is great. I can just see that as being a transition in some RPG before fighting a stage boss. Nice work.

(S68) #4

Very cool!!!

Besides the leg problem my only concern is on the snow, it looks too much a flat halo :slight_smile:

Maybe let it receive shadows… use a texture?


(pofo) #5

It would be perfect if the branch in the foreground would shake and drop some snow. But I know that’s a bit much to ask :wink:

  1. pofo