Giant wooden stick hitting skyscraper

Hi all

I just finished a short promotional video for the Swiss Kubb Open. “Kubb” ist a swedish game that involves throwing a wooden stick to shoot down wooden cubes. In this video I super-sized the human player by 200 times, and the wooden stick does hit a skyscraper instead… The solution was to use a mix of live action footage and cycles renderings. It was challenging, but also a lot of fun to learn about the greenscreen techniques and to play with blenders rigid body physics and smoke engine!

Critique in general, or specifically on how a better live action integration could have been achieved are very welcome!

Also I just finished a complete “making of” video:

This is a fun promo. :slight_smile:

If something that big was going to hit something as soft as a grassy park, I’d expect there to be more impact with the footprint - grass and dirt coming up around the sides of the feet a bit.

Good point, you’re right - I actually tried to go for such an effect for a while - but it always ended looking kind of fake, so at the end I got a bit frustrated, ditched it and continued work on the other scenes :slight_smile:

Heres a screenshot from the moment where the stick hits the skyscraper: