Giants in the Earth Scene F-5

the next scene in my ongoing saga is finished!

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Draco can be downloaded here :

u gotta bunch of really good models in there. my biggest criticisms would be the lack of great animation, lots of sound effects, or uniform postprocessing n cool vfx, but you’ve got some really good materials. I only watched snippets so I don’t know the whole plot, but it’s really good considering it’s done by only a few people. i think if u streamlined that 10 minutes into only like 3 minutes you could really be able to make a much better looking film from each scene by spending more time in each. but it’s really cool though :smiley: See your entire series!It’s Amazing!

Sorry – I included the wrong link for Draco – here is the real one

Its actually only oneperson – I agree with your statements, but, in that I am trying to produce an entire movie, each scene has a different focus. Since this one was dialogue driven, I tried to focus on staging and direction, not so much animating, the goal being to make it “readable” – in scenes to come, which will be action driven, I will refocus. I am hoping to finish the entire film to offer it to a full studio. I am hoping that a story with a significant amount of footwork laid will maybe be more appealing than one that needs to be built ground up.

Thanks for the view and the comment!