Giants in the Earth Scene F3

Scene F3 of my film is finished.

Voice acting is poor. I apologize for that. I hope you’ll see something valuable in it though.

You need to get more focus on the actions of your actors , like “I won`t do it!” “kill them!”… after kill them and “just a kid” you need to focus audience to see that kids face. The part with the mom and son in prison , dropping him to fast is no good , some camera movements needs a little work.

What you need beside the voice acting it is a melody that change with different scene … think when there is alien part to have sounds in background of the ship and the guard robots and some sound of the prisons moving breathing layered there to make the atmosphere , on the main stage where it is your main character sounds of lava , back explosions , some background violins to uphold the drama , the dragon breath and sound that he is moving his wings.

This things can change allot. Voice acting it is near good only needs a that little atmosphere to make it not so sintethic.

Thanks Numaral. You sound like a bit of an audio engineer yourself. I will admit that is not my strongsuit at all. The acting could have been improved, and the transitions also. These are the things I have the toughest time with.

I appreciate your comments, I will work on the things you have mentioned.

Keep up the good work. Of course I could say plenty about the audio, but for now I’ll just say: watch out for clipping, there was a lot at the beginning.

Good use of the Creature Factory landscape scene. Nice character model, too. Seeing Scales made me laugh because I wasn’t expecting it.