Giants of the Earth Film Thread

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I have a disparate set of threads relating to a film I am doing, so I am going to get organized - This thread will be a Work in Progress for the film as a whole - completed animations will be posted here (as a scene of the film) as well as a post int the completed works section (because each scene will be a completed work in itself)

(Early videos are pretty aweful – but if you can get to scene D – it gets “Better” – and scene E4 is awesome and Sintel/Proog make cameos!)

Please leave comments - I love to hear! (and like me on Facebook - for some special treats I have planned – namely a tutorial dvd and some models that won’t be on Blendswap)

The title BTW:

Genesis 6:4
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.

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Technically – this would be considered the first scene- I did it a long time ago and have improved my abilities in everything since then (and the Audio was swapped by Youtube)

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This would be the second scene (so far) in the film
scene C-1

Note — the last 3 minutes of the film summarize the next 6 scenes, what happened was, I felt like animating a fight scene, and that resulted in scene C-2 to C-8 , but then I needed to go back and set up the scene, answer the questions “who is the albino and the girl?” “how do they know each other?” “Why are they being attacked by monsters?”

and so I did this scene

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This would be the next scene in the film – however, I did this film months before the previous scene, so you’ll notice the albino is significantly different physically, and the quality is in flux

(daren) #5

So summarizing this far – Breanna and Lance met in a library, and “for some reason” caught the attention of bad guys. While Lance was attempting to comfort Breanna in a playground they were attacked by Cyclop Cyborg ninjas (I REALLY need to redo that scene!) followed by robot mutant dogs on there heels

the next scene begins a motorcycle chase from the dogs, which will continu for quite a while

BTW – if you didn’t know, the robot dogs are from “The Creature Factory” DVD Blender Foundation put out a while ago - (this was clearly stated on the Youtube page)

(daren) #6

The motorcylcle chase kept expanding because I kept having more and more ideas about a cool thing to happen - in this one I wanted to show the dogs throwing cars around…

(daren) #7

The dog run continued - this scene was added because I needed to remind the audience of a bigger character who was monitoring the whole thing (Pan - the skull headed flying guy)

(daren) #8

This whole dog run scene began with an idea in my head from my childhood - I remembered watching some people take four wheelers through a dirt pit and do crazy tricks - so I have been having the albino taking the dogs to a quarry where he can do crazy tricks – in this scene we finally reach the quarry

(daren) #9

This next scene was by far my most epic – the albino (Lance) realizes he needs to take drastic measures and scrapes with the dogs mono y monomono – I wish I could reedit it though and widdle about a minute off of it (several dead periods of time where it’s like (“come on, get going”) but the payoff at the end is good

(daren) #10

So now, the characters have to get out of the quarry, which is not an easy feat, and that is what this scene is about

(daren) #11

So the excitement is all done - this scene is kind of a wrap up and transition to the next Act (Act D)

(daren) #12

The excitement is all over, now the characters need some rest, comedic relief (and the story needs some characterization and emotion) this scene shows a lot of the kind of guy Land (albino) is and gives a little background for both characters

(daren) #13

The characters fall asleep, and weird things happen when someone sleeps — I experimented with voice acting (which went ok for Lance - the male character, but not so much for Breanna – SO UNLESS I CAN FIND A FEMALE VOICE ACTOR ‘hint hint’) I will stick with subtitles for a while) – this scene also begins the bonding between the characters…

(daren) #14

So now, all the excitement ends, it’s back to school – except, now, the two have each other in their eyes – I wish I could edit about thirty seconds of dead time from this one too…

(daren) #15

Really this scene was made to remind the audience of the bad guys (it wasn’t random that Lance and Breanna were attacked) I intended to shroud this scene with mystery (and cool bad guys) – who are the 7? What is Lance’s story? What is the mistake Erebus mentioned? Who is Erebus anyway? Who is Pan for that matter? And why is there a robotic minotaur and dog named Cerberus? What is the breeding pin and why is there disease – all the answers are …forthcoming…

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The next scene is UP! Here, I found a scene file on Blendswap (Forest by Ruben Zuendholtz) and had to use it in my film. Lance and Breanna continue to get closer –

I’d love to hear some comments!

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I am starting to work on the next scene – here is a preview image…


(daren) #18

Breanna is on Blendswap!

(daren) #19

So, I have been chronicling the animation relating to the next scene, and wrapping it in a turorial series – this is a really exciting tutorial set covers pose to pose animation, timing, camerawork, slow motion, effects storyboard to render … here is the first part

(daren) #20

sooo I am working on the script for the next scene and as I put it into cliff note form it is sooo funny thought I would share

Basically, she finds the guy hanging out alone on the rooftop

Her -----
You know most people go downtown to actually be with people?

Him —
I knid of like it up here. listening to their inane banter is … relaxing.

seriously, you spend your days in the lost woods. and Friday night on the rooftop of the dance club. Really, you do spend a lot of time alone… don’t you ever get lonely?

him —

he goes on a tirade and tells her he has feelings for her

her ----

Hey - its ok… leans in to him

kiss, love them music, world spins, stars collide, music plays, it’s all very touching,

red screen overlay Pan (the robot) flies in and totally spoils the moment

crash land Pan…
Pan’s lines will be (in a nutshell)----
Come with me or the girl gets it…

so Pan grabs Lance