Giants of the Earth Scene E-1

Here is the latest video in my series - - all are on Youtube (Dx31979 – Giants of the Earth)
Most of the content I uploaded to Blendswap – and I will upload the classroom as soon as Blendswap allows uploading again.

This one is sooo corny, but I like it

I don’t know what to make of this series. It obviously could use work in a lot of areas, making it sometimes frustrating to watch. But I just can’t stop watching them. I’m hooked.

The best thing you can do at this point, however, is trimming down your shots. When watching on YouTube, I sometimes scrub the progress bar forward to skip over a few seconds at a time. Most of the shots in E-1 could be half as long and still get the point across.

Keep making more.

Thanks Xabotage - I am learning along the way - and I did some of the scenes out of order - whcih is why there is a different meshe (scene C-2) in the fight scenes than there is one currently.

In my defense about the timing - it is something of a relic of subtitling. Most people can’t read and follow action as fast as hear, so as I subtitle, I have to stretch a scene a little long - that’s why I tried the audio voices in the one scene, but obviously, that didn’t work either.
Thanks for watching!