Giants of the Earth Scene E-3 Finished

So - I finished up my latest scene — here it goes

The forest was found on Blendswap –
check out the entire WIP thread for the whole movie

Comments are welcome — especially curious if you simply enjoyed it or not. That’s the most important question to me…

Next scene images…

It was good, but the text was annoying, if you added voices it’d be great, but it’s so quiet and having to read the text while watching the animation was too much for me.

Soo funny. i tried voice acting once but got TERRIBLE reviews… now this… aghh. No - the only problem I have is with voice actors I dont have any women for voices… so if you know anyone willing to skype with me for a half hour every couple weeks – let me know!

I recommend using craigslist to find someone local, or put it in the newspaper. Voice actors wanted