Giants of the Earth Scene E4

Giants on the Earth Scene E4
The scene is finished!

Special thanks to Alicia Russell, for lending her beautiful voice, Robert S. Benjamin for his help as the paramedic. you can look forward to more from him, if he is willing.

trust me, the first two minutes is good the next 4 is great.

And yes, that is Sintel and Proog twins with mohawks making cameos!

part of this was in my tutorial set

Pan – the bad guy — is available on Blendswap.

So, I didnt even know it, but the background animation is the Phoenix summon from FFVIICC!! Thanks Siatharus!

To Come

As interesting as that video was, the fight was somewhat odd.

How so?

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How so?

I noticed that there are a few things that seemed to be absent besides the limited amount of stars that are in the sky from the light pollution from the city.

When the main character chucks the panel to the cyborg, you used a particle system, but you could have simply kept at Lines instead of Crosses.

I was going to comment on the part where he was slammed into the metal structure, but I will have to say that he really isn’t human to a certain extent.

What was the yellow globs that showed up?

These were the things that puzzled me.

they were sparks actually, at least that was the goal. So I had a particle sytem that emitted jagged lines, with a little light source to illuminate nearby objects.

And when the character slams into the metal, well, it’s a movie. Physics are only slightly relevant. When convenient.

It still leaves behind the question what is the yellow globs that show up.

Oh - do you mean the meteorites? That’s part of the story that’s to be explained.

A possible spoiler alert. Ok, I won’t go into details on that part any further.

daren, another scene release! You never sleep, right?


My Short:

Drew – I nap occasionally.

Did I ever tell you that I watched your short? It’s got a lot of really good stuff in there. And a very well written story. That makes all the difference.

Thank you! I’ve been enjoying each installment of your project as well!

Cerberus has been sent…

BTW - My Cerberus concept was completed long before Transformers 2 came out in theaters.