Gibson ES-335

This is an old model that I’ve had laying around my hard drive so, I decided I’d texture it and make a nice render out of.

If you like it add it to your favorites on DeviantArt, and check out my other works too.

very nice:)

I like it.
Maybe DoF too high on the left part…

Looks really nice. I think the dof is a little distracting.

Looks great! :yes:
You could add some frets and do something with the dof though.
Love it apart from that though.

Thanks for the comments, guys, I appreciate it.

I agree about the DoF being a tad bit high in the bottom left corner.

This was an old model that I thought I’d do a render of, so it’s not as detailed as it could be.

Again, thanks for the tips and adding it to your favorites/increasing my views on DeviantArt could help me a bit.

I agree with them about the DoF, but I don’t think it’s that much of a problem, maybe that’s just me, I like how DoF looks in general.

That’s really nice! Although the first thing I thought was ‘Oh no the back’s getting all scratched up!’ little velvet love needed.

Agreed with the DOF (except surely it’s too shallow, not too large). Very nice model and texturing, but the image seems rather grainy.