Gibson Explorer

Looking good VickyM72!

@ctdabomb: Thank you very much!

UPDATE: witch hat knobs textured:

@harleynut97: No problem, and thanks for the info! :smiley:

I would love to see some wires, particularly of the bridge, if you get a chance. Fantastic job!

Hey thanks! Here’s a few wires:

I’d upload more but it’s mostly the same crap :smiley:

New bridge/saddle:

Testing mats and lighting, Blender Internal:


Continues to shape into a beauty…I’m wondering about the height of those fret lines…they seem too high to me… maybe it’s just the camera perspective.

Thanks again! Yeah, I haven’t really touched them since I made them, they are still a WIP at the moment :smiley:

wait, what? BI? All this time, i just assumed it was cycles…the lighting and materials just seemed too good to be BI :smiley:
those glossy panels and screws…and the volume knobs…

wow! so this is what i stand to gain by learning proper lighting techniques. oh my oh my

Haha! Thank you! I swear by BI, it’s a great engine. It just lacks global illumination, but that is pretty easy to fake. I only have three area lights here, but the trick is in the distance, size, samples, and gamma. :slight_smile:

area lamps, distance, size, samples and gamma :slight_smile:
honestly, i never even dared to mess around much with those

it’s weird to say, i’v learned more from ur last post than i have in all my countless hours reading about lighting :smiley:
looks like i’ll be experimenting some more with lights!


@khalibloo: No problem! Stop in my chat over at dA if you get a chance:


That is a NICE model!

Keep it up Vicky, you continue to surprise us.

P.S : Can we forget what happened in the chatroom?

Wait, she has me on her ignore list.

Goddamn it.

Rendering soon


Hopefully once you get it textured, you’ll show a real closeup of the strings… I was looking forward to see how you were going to approach them. Also curious on how they are wrapped around the tuning pegs… did you use curves and a bevel circular object for the strings?

I used the spiral curve in the “extra” curve objects. Might not do a closeup of the headstock though, I’ll probably do one shot of it in the stand and another closeup of the bridge/hardware. :smiley:

Just for you harleynut97!