Gibson Flying V Guitar

Just started this last night, lots of work to do :smiley:

Another shot, head mostly done…

Looking good :smiley:

Looking good so far Vicky. I’m sure it will blow my banjo out of the water!!!

Where’s the rest? I thought you’d be all done already at the speed you do things! :smiley:

I bet Looptools came in handy…


Thank you very much! :smiley:

I seriously doubt that! Thank you! :smiley:

@Stan Pancakes: Haha! Hopefully today or tomorrow :smiley:

@swaschan: Indeed it did, once at least :smiley:

Looks good. Are you going to texture the strings? I’m debating whether to texture the ones on mine as they will be hard to see.

Thanks MonkMonk! I’m with you on that one…the last pic I posted will probably be the render view, it just depends on how far away it is. If I did do it, i would probably just make a simple line drawing in GIMP and just map it over :smiley:

Small update:

Knobs, texture made in GIMP

Got sick of modeling, so I ran a test render :smiley:

black :smiley:

Give that girl some strings and she will sing!

Uh, sorry, double post

that looks great!! sweet guitar

Thanks Stan! Hopefully today :smiley:

Thanks very much! :smiley: