Gibson Les Paul Standard Ebony

Probably ready in a day or something… but… stil thought it’d be worthy of posting it here… any ideas on what could be better?


good start on a cool guitar. maybe its just the angle but it doesn’t really look like the les paul body shape to me. and it seems like the bridge and the switch are too small and positioned oddly.
i modelled my guitar a while back and i used a reference photo as a background image in 3d view to help me get the shape and proportions of all the parts correct.
keep working on it and it will look great.

it’s the neck… looks like a deformed SG when the neck’s missing :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s some good reference pics for ya:

(notice the location of the switch)

yeah, my bad, I was using my V as ref pic…

Wow is the real thing made of actual black glass? I would add a small amount of surface texture to break up the spec effect, nice model though.

little update… the neck… damn… harder than I thought at first. but … trying…


looks awsome, are there strings yet?, i cant see them

nope, no strings yet. The neck isn’t finished… I’ll finish the bigger things before adding details.

I’d suggest adding some subsurf to the guitar body.

even more? already 3 or 4 levels of subsurf

yup. sucks, but you got tesselation on the guitar. here’s a quick tip. if you don’t want the subsurf slowing down your pc in edit mode, just click the + button by the modifer name and it disables subsurf in edit mode, so you only see it in render. I use it all the time. works great.